Increasingly Obsolete (holdingwonder) wrote in ncis_gen,
Increasingly Obsolete

Recs: Three One-shots

For the first recommendations post, I am listing three one-shots that I like. The first one is recently posted. The other two are older, but they are stories that come back to my mind from time to time. The links are all from

A Chest of Drawers (A Chest of Drawers) by TerryJ
This is a story set in season 12, focused on Jimmy Palmer and his new fatherhood.

Those First Days (Those First Days) by K9Lasko
This tells the story of a yearly ritual for Gibbs. It's a character piece.

Forgiven (Forgiven) by Alidiabin
This expands on a piece of the Jackson Gibbs backstory from the season 7 episode Faith.
Tags: character: jackson gibbs, character: jethro gibbs, character: jimmy palmer, genre: angst, genre: family, recs

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