Increasingly Obsolete (holdingwonder) wrote in ncis_gen,
Increasingly Obsolete

Recommendation Posts

I've been thinking for a while about using this community as a place for recommendations of gen stories in addition to its being a place where such stories can be posted. So I am adding to the tags a 'recs' tag for such posts.

The subject line for recommendation posts should begin with the word Recs and contain a short descriptor of the story or stories being rec'd. For example, this descriptor could be the character involved or the type of story.

For tagging, the 'recs' tag should be used. Genre and character tags may also be used, but author tags should not.

The body of the posts should have links to the stories. The title and author should both be listed. A short description should also be given. If the author has posted a summary, you may quote that if you wish.

Self-recs should not be done as the author can make a Fic post and post or link a story that way.

Let me know of any questions or suggestions you have.
Tags: !modpost, recs

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